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Day Trading in the Philippines for starters

Trading is not easy if you don't know where to begin. Day trading in the Philippines is attractive because it is still developing and if you know where to look you're closer to success than you think.

In other countries, traders who are using computers are scanning the markets during the trading hours. Looking for opportunities in the stock markets is easy for them because of scanning softwares.

Is scanning stocks available in the Philippines?

A beginner trader in the Philippine stock market asked me if it's possible to search for stocks based on selected criteria.

My answer is affirmative because I have been doing it daily. In fact, we are providing free End of day data here. If you want intra-day price streaming, you can subscribe to real time data service by going to PSE Amirboker Real Time Facebook Page and follow how to connect with Amibroker but you have to pay the monthly subscription.

Use Amibroker - Tools of the Trade

If you're serious in day trading in the Philippines, use this software. Scanning stocks in real time will give you an edge over other traders because you do not have to manually find stocks to trade.

Good Strategy

Trading with the help of computers is only useful when you use a proven system that were properly back tested. Without proof that your strategy is working, do not use it to avoid losses. Never ever trade like the beginners whose knowledge are limited.

In order to see if a strategy is good, I back tested a strategy that I found online a couple of years ago and I'm so amazed with the results.

When backtesting, follow the rules correctly in order to avoid curve fitting because the strategy may not work as expected. I hope you learned something today.

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