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PSE Data for Amibroker

Download our Amibroker PSE Data since 1994. Due to limited sources online we will give pse database. You'll learn how to scan stocks in Amibroker.

The Philippine stocks historical prices are used by professionals for trading tools. We will update it as often as we can because we understand the need.

The Amibroker PSE download is free furthermore, you can get the PSE Data by sending a message to our FB page. You have to use Amibroker latest version or 6.0 above because it may not work.

You can use the PSE historical data download. Watch this video for starters.

How to use PSE database for Amibroker?

Watch this video to get the pseget historical data. Altogether it is easy as you may think.

How can we use these files? Copy and paste the link in your browser. Then download the zip file to get data. Extract and open the database.

It seems like you know already how to use Amibroker you can now like the page and download our database.

Backtest or Screener

Get our free codes here!

You need a scanner in order to scan profitable trades.


At the present time, you can download pse data by following these instructions.

Go to my FB page and send me a message with the word "data".

You have to sign-up to our email newsletter to download the database.

From now on, we will only send new database to email subscribers because we are consolidating our channels.

Please wait for an email to get the links. To be sure, you have to use a valid email.

Unzip the file and open with Amibroker.

Thank you for your support.

After opening the database, then you can use the PSE closing rates (EOD) to update daily.


Please read our disclaimer before using PSE data for Amibroker. We are not responsible for trading losses due to good or bad strategy.

You cannot download the software here. Instead, we are giving the database for free.

Since the Amibroker data is free, as a result, we do not guarantee its accuracy.

Most of all, johndeoresearch.com are not liable for any losses due to trading. We are using PSEGET to download daily CSV files. However, we don't own the software.

Read our guide here.