How to Get Data For Amibroker

Want to learn how to get data for Amibroker?

To get data for Amibroker, go to Investpy or download from the website. The website offers up to five years of daily history.

How to get?

To get the market data, follow the instructions below.

The Amibroker PSE download is free.

Furthermore, you can get the PSE Data by sending a message to our FB page.

You have to download Amibroker’s latest version or 6.0 above because it may not work.

You can use the PSE historical data download. Watch this video below to get started.

In my PSE tools, I use this database for backtesting different trading strategies.


Watch this video to get the pseget historical data. Altogether it is easy as you may think.

How can we use these files? Copy and paste the link in your browser. Then download the zip file to get data.

Extract and open the database.

In data feed for Amibroker, you can do a lot of things to improve your trading.

For example, you can backtest a trading strategy in the stock market to see the win rate and annual returns.

It seems like you know already how to use Amibroker you can now like the page and download our database.


Get our free codes here!

You need a scanner to scan profitable trades.


At present, you can download PSE data by following these instructions.

Go to my FB page and send me a message with the word data.

My page name is nivekTrader.

You can also sign-up to our email list by chatting with us on the lower right.

Click download the database.

Unzip the file and open with Amibroker.

Thank you for your support.

After opening the database, then you can use the PSE closing rates (EOD) to update daily.

You can get the PSE historical data download CSV in that page daily to add your quotes to your Amibroker.

Other Countries

To get Amibroker historical data, you have to buy from Norgate if you do not have it. You can update the database by formatting your CSV file like this one.

You can also download everything from The website is so good to get stock price history up to several years.

The history may be used for backtesting strategies with Amibroker.


Please read our disclaimer before using PSE data for Amibroker. We are not responsible for trading losses due to good, bad strategy or signal.

You cannot download the software here. Instead, we are giving the database for free. You can use it for your short or long term trading.

Since the Amibroker data is free, as a result, we do not guarantee its accuracy. Also, your investments are not our responsibility.

Most of all, are not liable for any losses due to trading.

We are using PSEGET to download daily CSV files. However, we don’t own the software.