Free Stock Quote API In The Philippines(JSON and XML Format)

Free stock API

I found a free stock quote API in the Philippine markets. While looking for a good source, I stumbled on this site. The service is excellent and faster than other services that I have tested.

image of simple psei free stock api

Simple PSEI (Previously known as PHISIX) is a restful API. Anyone can look up any stocks anytime, and the service is fast. In addition, it can show the current prices of all securities in JSON or XML format. Moreover, a user can go back in time and retrieve the data.

Programmers can use this API to create their own web applications. They can build stock scanners, trackers, and other stock tools. While there are many possibilities, a user can only retrieve the last traded price.

What can you do?

There are no limits to what you can do with the API. Building apps that can alert you whenever the price hits the target price is now possible. Your trading systems can use Simple Psei data. You can use stock screeners and integrate the API into your projects.

In this PSE API, I created a lot of stock screeners, but I can only use the closing prices.

You can also do that in the stock market to help you trade.


Altogether, the service is excellent, and we should use it to our advantage. Do not let this opportunity pass, for your own sake.

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