3 Philippine Stock Market App

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I was looking for an app that can monitor the Philippine stock market. In the first place, I can’t stay in front of the computer the whole day.

I found these Philippine stock market apps while searching online. Besides, most of these android applications are free. You can find the list below.

You need to have an internet connection to use the applications.

Use these apps below to trade Philippine stocks easily.

Someone may ask about the best monitoring tool in the Philippines.

From previous research, the apps below are best for the Philippine stock market.


1. Bloomberg

In this app to monitor Philippine stocks, you can get it for free to keep track of your favorite stocks.

I took a screenshot for you to see the features included in the app.

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You can get the latest business and Finance news about your stock. Also, Anyone can track a portfolio of stocks and see its current performance. Furthermore, you can view all the shares in the Philippine stock markets.

In this best Philippine stock market app, you can monitor your portfolio to see the increase and decrease of your stock positions.

I found a video on Youtube. It’s a bit old because I could not find a new one. Well, I don’t know how to record the app on my phone.

The Philippine stock market follows the U.S. To become a successful trader in the Phillippines; you have to know the current situation in the biggest market in the world.

Bloomberg has been improving the app over the years with more features. Also, you can read more about the features.

2. Tsupetot

Traders have been using Tsupetot for a long time to track their portfolio. However, Philstocks have required the user to create an account with them to use the app.

The Philippine stock exchange app is excellent in stock trading to find good trade set-ups.

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Current Philstocks users do not have access yet unless they can refer a friend to open an account. However, you can use this referral link to open an account and use the app.

People who have installed Tsupetot in the past reported that they could not access the app. According to Philstocks, new users have to open an account to use the stock monitor app.

Well, I have used it in stock trading in the past to scan for high probability setups.

Philstock’s app is useful to stock traders because you can use it as a scanner.

You can watch Tsupetot in the video below to see the features:


I like the stock screener because I can use it with technical indicators. Furthermore, there is a chatroom where you can share thoughts in the community. Also, price alerts are a bonus feature and helpful.

3. PSE Edge

If you’re into news trading or fundamental analysis, you can use PSE Edge app.

Pse-edge1 image

In this stocks app (Philippines), you can update yourself on the latest fundamental data in the Philippine stock market to decide what stocks to buy.

You can view the company information, announcements, financial reports, dividends, and other reports. Also, you can see ETFs.


How to install?

To install the app, click on the download links above. Also, you need a phone to download the file from the play store.

Wrap Up!

Using apps in trading is available for Philippine traders. Furthermore, With the use of technology, everyone can monitor their portfolio.

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