Philippine Stocks In Iphone: How To Add It?

Today, you’ll learn how to add Philippine Stocks to Iphone.


  • Bloomberg
  • PSE Edge
  • Investagrams

I think you will agree that you can’t always monitor your stock portfolio away from your office or home.

Well, I will show you the apps I use to see the status of my stocks.

You probably have an iPhone and have to monitor the Philippine stock market. Also, you may want to know the performance of your portfolio.

Here’s how you can add Philippine Stocks in iPhone. Install the following app in your phone from the apple store. Bloomberg and Philippine Stock exchange have provided these apps for free.

1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg App iPhone image

Click on the watchlist and add the stock symbol. For example, Type “URC:PS” to add Universal Robina Corporation stock.

2. PSE Edge

Pse-edge1 image

Get the latest stock disclosures by using PSE edge app on the iPhone. You can use the app to find fundamental data of different Philippine companies.

  • Dividends and rights alert you of new dividend announcement.
  • Financial reports give information about the latest data from the company you are interested in.

3. Investagrams

investagrams iphone

In my opinion, this app is the best when it comes to features. Also, you can use it for free on your iPhone.

The Market depth of the stock you’ve selected lets you see the current bid, ask, volumes and charts.

Virtual trading lets you practice some strategies before using actual money.

The scanner can filters stocks according to your criteria.

As my tip, install the app to monitor the Philippine stock exchange now.