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Amazing List of Amibroker Stock Screener -Indicators and Explorer

Get our free list of Amibroker screener. Download our AFL to find profitable stocks to trade. Our PSE Stock screener is coded based on good strategies.

Creating your own AFL is hard. Because we want to help you, we will give free AFL indicators and Explorer here.

Amibroker Scanner Afl

From time to time, we will post our amibroker scanner intraday as long as it is useful to you.


Once you know how to create your AFL, you can now create an Amibroker trading system. Due to limited time, we will only release one at a time.

Before you download our files, please read this first.

First of all, these AFL files are free. We are not responsible for any trading losses that may occur by using these indicators or screeners.

How to use AFL code?

Amibroker Automatic Analysis AFL

Vix Fix

Volatility indicator by Larry Williams. When volatility is high there is a probability that we are near the bottom of the down trend.

We coded this ourselves from the information available online. We do not know the latest version of this indicator.

Hot Stocks

This AFL will scan stocks with volume that exceeds five days moving average. We used it to detect sudden interest.

Note: We will post the links when uploaded.

Daily Eight Percent Move

According to Stockbee, study stocks that move 8% in the last five days if you want to improve your trading.

You will understand what strategies are currently working.

Additionally, you should watch what happens before the stock move up.

We converted the code here because we value our readers.

Darvas Scanner

Darvas likes strong stocks. He wants the price to be near its 52 weeks high.

Notably, the price must be within 20% from the High.

He also likes stocks that double from 52 weeks low because it tends to rise faster as a result of momentum.

Bull Flag

Use this scanner to find bull flags daily for your swing trading.

Note: We will post the links when uploaded here. Obviously, you can use these afl to the Philippine Stock Market(PSE)

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