5 Amazing List Of Amibroker Stock Screeners – Indicators And Explorers

Get our free list of Amibroker screener. Download our AFL to find profitable stocks to trade.

Our PSE Stock screener is coded based on sound strategies.

Creating your own AFL is hard. Because we want to help you, we will give free AFL indicators and Explorer here.

You can also learn about mean reversion here.

You can use these Amibroker AFL in your short or long term trade scans daily to assist you.

In this best stock scanners (free), I have profited several times to prove that they actually work.

Well, you can backtest it your self, and I know that these Amibroker strategy codes are profitable when used correctly.

In this Amibroker successful AFL, you can find profitable setups daily to screen thousands of stocks.

Well, you can modify these codes to suit your needs.

In this Amibroker indicator, you can add it in the software, and you can scan stocks also.


From time to time, we will post our Amibroker scanner intraday as long as it is useful to you.

Here is the code:

//buy at the breakout of the previous day high and the low is equal to the open
filter=close>ref(H,-1) and Open=low;

In this free Amibroker download, you can scan stocks that break the previous day’s high. (High open strategy AFL)

I like using this intraday stock screener to day trade if I have extra time.


Once you know how to create your AFL, you can now create an Amibroker trading system.

Due to limited time, we will only release one at a time.


First of all, these AFL files are free. We are not responsible for any trading losses that may occur by using these indicators or screeners.

My goal is to share the best AFL code for Amibroker to help traders.


Watch the video about AFL code for Amibroker to learn how to use it.


In this stock screener strategies, you can find the best stocks to buy in the stock market profitably to start trading right now.


Volatility indicator by Larry Williams. When volatility is high, there is a probability that we are near the bottom of the downtrend.

We coded this ourselves from the information available online. We do not know the latest version of this indicator.



This AFL will scan stocks with volume that exceeds five days moving average. We used it to detect sudden interest.

Note: We will post the links when uploaded.


According to Stockbee, study stocks that move 8% in the last five days if you want to improve your trading.

In this Amibroker scanner code, you will understand what strategies are currently working.

Additionally, you should watch what happens before the stock move up.

In this daily stock screener, you’ll learn how to trade faster because you’ll see how trading works.

We converted the code here because we value our readers.



Darvas likes strong stocks. He wants the price to be near its 52 weeks high.

Notably, the price must be within 20% from the High.

He also likes stocks that double from 52 weeks low because it tends to rise faster as a result of momentum.

This AFL for Amibroker will help you find the most reliable stocks in the market to follow the trend.

In this momentum stock screener, you should select the best industry in the stock market to profit on the Darvas box.

In the Nicolas Darvas System, I can buy the best stocks in the market to select only the top ones.

I don’t like buying slow-moving stocks when I trade because It is hard to make money from it.

Well, I use this momentum screener every day to look for Darvas boxes.

In this stock breakout screener, you can identify support and resistance correctly when looking for potential stocks.



Use this scanner to find bull flags daily for your swing trading.

Well, I always use these free stock screeners to find breakouts.

In this bull flag scanner, you can usually find flags with strong upward momentum.

The breakout stock screener is simple to set up in Amibroker today.



In this volatility stock screener, we will use the Average True Range indicator(ATR) to find stocks with high volatility.

However, I do not use it the same way with other traders, but I use the same 14-periods to gauge the movement of price.

Okay, if you look at the chart below, you’ll see that the ATR is 0.13.

Most traders will use that value to set their stop loss.

However, there is a big problem in this indicator because higher price stocks have higher ATR values.

So, you can’t use it consistently in trading. What is the best way to use it?

Well, I did research years ago to learn how to use the ATR indicator properly.

Okay, I will share this non-popular strategy to help you trade better.

To assess the level of risks in the stock, I always divide the ATR by the stock price to see the real volatility.

For example, if the price is $2.79, and the ATR is 0.13, then the volatility is equal to 4.66%(0.13/2.79= 0.0466).

Now, you can see the stock’s volatility clearly to plan your trades.

The stock can move 4% per day, which is suitable for day trading. You can use this strategy in your mean reversion strategy.

Okay, I have to warn you to use this calculation in a one-time frame only.

For example, you can use the 5-minute, 15-minute, or higher timeframe chart.

In this stock scanner for day trading, I am looking for high volatility to increase my profits.

If you trade slow-moving equities, then you’ll never make money in the short term.

Okay, you can use the code below to start scanning the stock market.

//set your timeframe here: 5 min, 10 min or higher. If you don't know how, search online how to do it.
//default is daily

Filter=volatility>0.02;//change this according to your needs
//you can use buy and sell signals depending upon your strategy

How can you use this indicator or screener?

In this intraday scanner AFL for Amibroker, I use it in the one-minute or 5-minute timeframe to alert me about stocks with high volatility.

You’ll catch a lot of break-outs or fakeouts when you use this AFL. Okay, you can copy the code above to add it to Amibroker.


Note: We will post the links when uploaded here. Obviously, you can use this AFL to the Philippine Stock Market(PSE).

Find more at johndeoresearch.com

I will update this Amibroker indicator list to share updated AFLs.

In the meantime, you can use the free stock scanners above to find goods stocks to buy.

In the middle of everything, I hope you like our post on Amibroker Stock Screener. Please share it if you do.

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